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My 2016 Christmas and 2017 New Year holiday

Hi guys, and everyone who is reading at this weekly post from my blog. 2016 has come to an end (whoa) and it is a new era now, but I will not forget about what really happened last year.

My Holiday started after I got my study report. It was on 22nd of December which is actually mother’s day as well. I had no special events for 3 days after the settlement began. All I did was eventually reading comic books, playing games, and watching animes as well. Then when it came to Christmas, the fun began.

On Christmas, I celebrate lots of things with my family, we went to church at first, and then we went to a restaurant with whole of my mother’s family. It was fun, we chat all day and we play together and the most important, we gave presents to one and another. It didn’t stop there we also had this chit-chat meeting for a whole day. I mean it, a whole day, until 10 pm sharp. We actually moved to another restaurant for dinner and continue our activities there.

The Following day, at 4am, I boarded to Jogja with my family. We had a lot of fun there, enjoying the local culinary, amazingly nature structures such as ‘tebing breksi’ and famous monuments such as galleries museums and manmade temples (candi). I stayed in Jogja not for long, only until before New Year. Oh, and by the way, I visited the entire casting place in AADC movie.

On 31st December, I celebrate my grandmother’s birthday and so on, my mother’s family met up again to celebrate this moment. At the time the year changed I slept and it was noisy outside because of fireworks.

The following day , my activity much less just doing another non productive activities such as watch animes, play games, and read comic books. I did it until the last day before I went to school which is on 9th January. This time my holiday is actually not that boring though, as there are some memorable events that I hadn’t felt until this holiday.

At last, that is my experience in this holiday I hope, the next holiday I get good grades and it will be a memorable holiday like this one.

Thank you for your attention and reading, I hope you will have a nice holiday, or you already had one?

Selasa, 15 November 2016

The Marvelous Musician/The Strange Musician

The Strange Musician

Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

Once upon a time there was a strange musician who was walking through the woods all by himself, thinking about this and that. When there was nothing left for him to think about, he said to himself, "It is boring here in the woods. I am going to get myself a good companion."
Then he took his fiddle from his back, and played a tune that sounded through the trees.
Before long a wolf came trotting through the bushes towards him.
"Ah, a wolf is coming. I have no desire for him," said the musician, but the wolf came nearer and said to him, "Ah, dear musician, you play very well. I too would like to learn to play."
"You can learn quickly," answered the musician. "You will only have to do what I tell you."
"Oh, musician," said the wolf, "I will obey you like a pupil obeys his teacher."
The musician told him to come along with him, and when they had walked some distance together, they came to an old oak tree. It was hollow inside and split up the middle.
"Look," said the musician, "if you want learn to play the fiddle, put your forepaws into this crack."
The wolf obeyed, and the musician quickly picked up a stone, and with one blow wedged his two paws so firmly that he had to stay lying there like a prisoner.

"Wait here until I return," said the musician, and went on his way.
After a while he again said to himself, "It is boring here in the woods. I will get myself another companion."
He took his fiddle and again played into the woods. Before long a fox came creeping through the trees toward him.
"Ah, a fox is coming," said the musician. "I have no desire for him."
The fox came up to him and said, "Oh, dear musician, you play very well. I too would like to learn to play."
"You can learn quickly," said the musician. "You will only have to do what I tell you."
"Oh, musician," answered the fox, "I will obey you like a pupil obeys his teacher."
"Follow me," said the musician, and when they had gone some distance together, they came to a footpath with tall saplings on both sides. There the musician stood still, and from one side he bent a young hazelnut tree down to the ground and put his foot on the end of it. Then he bent down another young tree from the other side, and said, "Now little fox, if you want to learn something, give me your left front paw."
The fox obeyed, and the musician tied his paw to the left stem. "Little fox," he said, "now give me your right paw."
He tied this one to the right stem. After making sure that the knots in the cord were tight enough, he let go. The trees sprang upright and jerked the little fox upward, leaving him hanging there struggling in the air.
"Wait here until I return," said the musician, and went on his way.
Once again he said to himself, "It is boring here in the woods. I will get myself another companion. So he took his fiddle, and music sounded through the woods. Then a little hare came jumping toward him.
"Ah, a hare is coming," said the musician. "I do not want him."
"Oh, dear musician," said the hare, "You play very well. I too would like to learn to play."
"You can learn quickly," said the musician. "You will only have to do what I tell you."
"Oh, musician," replied the little hare, "I will obey you like a pupil obeys his teacher."
When they had gone some distance together, they came to an aspen tree in a clearing in the woods. The musician tied a long string around the little hare's neck, then tied the other end of the string to the tree.
"Now quickly, little hare, run twenty times around the tree," shouted the musician, and the little hare obeyed. When he had run around twenty times, he had wound the string twenty times around the trunk of the tree, and the little hare was caught. The more the hare tugged and pulled, the more the string cut into his tender neck.
"Wait here until I return," said the musician, and went on his way.
The wolf, in the meantime, had pushed and pulled and bitten at the stone, and had worked so long that he freed his feet from the crack. Full of anger and rage he rushed after the musician, wanting to tear him to pieces.
When the fox saw him running by, he began to wail, crying out with all his might, "Brother wolf, come help me. The musician has tricked me."
The wolf pulled down the trees, bit the cord in two, and freed the fox, who went with him to take revenge on the musician. They found the tied-up hare, whom they rescued as well, then all together they set forth to find their enemy.
The musician had played his fiddle once again as he went on his way, and this time he had been more fortunate. The sound reached the ears of a poor woodcutter, who instantly, whether he wanted to or not, stopped working and, with his ax under his arm, came toward the musician to listen to the music.
"At last the right companion is coming," said the musician, "for I was seeking a human being, not wild animals." And he began to play so beautifully and delightfully that the poor man stood there enraptured, his heart filled with pleasure.
While he was thus standing there, the wolf, the fox, and the hare approached. He saw well that they had evil intentions, so he raised his shining axe and placed himself before the musician, as if to say, "Anyone who wants to harm him beware, for he will have to deal with me."
Then the beasts took fright and ran back into the woods. The musician, however, played one more tune for the man to thank him, and then went on his way.

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Praying Mantis

Mantises are an order (Mantodea) of insects that contains over 2,400 species and about 430 genera in 15 families. The largest family is the Mantidae ("mantids"). Mantises have stereo vision.They locate their prey by sight; their compound eyes contain up to 10,000 ommatidia. A small area at the front called the fovea has greater visual acuity than the rest of the eye, and can produce the high resolution necessary to examine potential prey.
The mating season in temperate climates typically takes place in autumn, while in tropical areas, mating can occur at any time of the year. To mate following courtship, the male usually leaps onto the female's back, clasping her thorax and wing bases with his forelegs. He then arches his abdomen to deposit and store sperm in a special chamber near the tip of the female's abdomen.
It's called the "Praying" Mantis because it often stands in a pose that looks like it is praying. There are different types of Praying Mantises. They are often named after different areas of the world (like the Carolina Mantis, the European Mantis, and the Chinese Mantis), but many can be found all over the world.

Praying Mantiss use camouflage to hide from predators and sneak up on prey. Different species vary in color from dark brown to green. These colors allow them to blend into their natural surroundings such as tree bark or green plant leaves. They also can hold very still to appear part of a leaf or a tree.

The Praying Mantis is a carnivorous insect. This means it lives off of other animals not plants. It mostly lives off of other insects like flies and crickets, but some larger Praying Mantids may occasionally capture and eat a small reptile or bird.

Praying Mantids will usually live from spring to fall. The longest a Mantis will live is around 1 year. One of the strangest things about this insect is that the female will often eat the male and siblings will often eat each other. Are they endangered? Most species of the Praying Mantis are not endangered and many are kept as pets. They are also good to have in your yard as they will eat other insects.

Amazing facts about praying mantis: most praying mantis live in the tropics, mantises can turn their heads full a 180 degrees, female mantis  eat male's head during their reproduction.

1.       Why Praying Mantis had such a unique name that consist “praying”word?
A.      Because They Like to Pray
B.      Because someone prayed when they saw Mantises
C.      Because Praying Mantis Poses like they are praying
D.      Because A Legend long ago
2.       How Do Praying Mantises Hide from their predators
A.      They do not hide
B.      They Camouflaged and mimic their enviroment
C.      They dig a hole and got inside
D.      They spray a distraction scent
3.       What Kinds of food does Praying mantis eat?
A.      They Are Carnivorous
B.      They Are Herbivororus
C.      They Eat Bacteria and other Microorganisms
D.      They do not eat at all
4.       How many degrees at maxed mantis can rotate their head?
A.      180 degrees
B.      270 degrees
C.      53 degrees
D.      360 degrees
5.       How do praying mantis locate their prey?
A.      They use specific hormone
B.      They use their hearings
C.      They use their sight
D.      They use electromagnetic wave
6.       In what occasion do they become cannibalistic?
A.      In a boring situation when they eat the same thing every day
B.      In winter seasons
C.      In summer seasons
D.      In mating seasons(male & female)

Yosemite Valley,a beautiful place that i would went if i could

Hey Everyone,this post is going to tell you about yosemite national park,hope you like them!!

Yosemite Valley  is a glacial valley in Yosemite National Park in the western Sierra Nevada mountains of Northern California. The valley is about 8 miles (13 km) long and up to a mile deep, surrounded by high granite summits such as Half Dome and El Capitan, and densely forested with pines.

 The valley is drained by the Merced River and a multitude of streams and waterfalls including Tenaya, Illilouette, Yosemite and Bridalveil Creeks. Yosemite Falls is the highest waterfall in North America, and is a big attraction especially in the spring when the water flow is at its peak. The valley is renowned for its natural beauty, and is widely regarded as the centerpiece of Yosemite National Park, attracting visitors from around the world.

The Valley is the main attraction in the park for the majority of visitors, and a bustling hub of activity during "tourist season" in the summer months. On July 2, 2011 there was a record 20,851 visitors to the valley.

Most visitors enter the valley from roads to the west and pass through the famous Tunnel View entrance. Visitor facilities are located in the center of the valley. There are both hiking trail loops that stay within the valley and trailheads that lead to higher elevations, all of which afford glimpses of the park's many scenic wonders

Yosemite Valley is located on the western slope of the Sierra Nevada mountains, 150 miles (240 km) due east of San Francisco. It stretches for 7.5 miles (11 km) in a roughly east-west direction, with an average width of about 1 mile (1.6 km).

Yosemite Valley represents only one percent of the park area, but this is where most visitors arrive and stay. More than half a dozen creeks tumble from hanging valleys at the top of granite cliffs that can rise 3000–4000 feet (900–1200 m) above the valley floor, which itself is 4000 ft (1200 m) above sea level. These streams combine into the Merced River, which flows out from the western end of the valley, down the rest of its canyon to the San Joaquin Valley. The flat floor of Yosemite Valley holds both forest and large open meadows, which provide breathtaking views of the surrounding crests and waterfalls.
The first view of Yosemite Valley many visitors see is the Tunnel View. So many paintings were made from a viewpoint nearby that the National Park Service named that viewpoint Artist Point.

The view from the lower (western) end of the Valley contains the great granite monolith El Capitan on the left, and Cathedral Rocks on the right with Bridalveil Fall. Just past this spot the Valley suddenly widens with the Cathedral Spires, then the pointed obelisk of Sentinel Rock to the south.

Across the Valley on the northern side are the Three Brothers, rising one above the other like gables built on the same angle – the highest crest is Eagle Peak, with the two below known as the Middle and Lower Brothers

Questions About Yosemite Valley
1.       How long Is the Yosemite Valley and how deep is it?
A.      50 mile long and a mile deep
B.      13 mile long and half mile deep
C.      8 mile long and a mile deep
D.      50 kilometers long and a kilometer deep
E.       13 kilometers long and a mile deep
2.       Summits such as Half Dome and El capitan are made of?
A.      Granite
B.      Stone
C.      Limestone
D.      Sand
E.       Obsidian
3.       This Valley is forestly densed by?
A.      Tea plants
B.      Pine
C.      Mushrooms
D.      Cactus
4.       Where is the Valley located?
A.      Yosemite National Park
B.      Washington National park
C.      Yellowstone National Park

D.      Texas National Park

Selasa, 11 Oktober 2016

            Due to the forming of the new acceleration class, acceleration 15th will held an event “Students of today, Leaders of Tommorrow.” This event will be held as follows:
                        Date: 10th of October 2017
                        Place: acceleration 15th classroom (near new hall)
                        Time: 9—11 a.m.

All of the Students from the new acceleration class must participate in this event, as this event will held to introduce the new and previous acceleration class .This event also features performance and tips from the previous acceleration class.

That is the example of an announcement,for the practical example of this announcement,you can visit   Video example                                  

Selasa, 04 Oktober 2016


Hi! Now,I’m going to share an experience that just happened recently.So,my school always held a cultural festival annually,and this year,a new name was announced! Yes,MEGANTARA Festival is held SMAN 3 BANDUNG on 10th of September 2016.I actually do not know where the MEGANTARA name was taken from.Anyway,It was held on Saturday,in Bali Field.

The Comitee itself was formed at least one month before d-day and consists of students from my school.The preparation was really complicated and their effort made me speechless.The opening was great,all of the students from grade 10 was told to join the parade.As a matter of fact,some kindergarten schools also participate in this parade where we went around some crowded street to promote this event.The parade went on well,and it was finished at 9 a.m.The gate was going to open at 12p.m,so I ate and relax at takolada,a cozy palce near my school for at least 2 hours.
I also chat with my friends at school for at least 1 hour before we finally went of.I did all of those chit-chat thing because the festival was held near my school,a place where I usually take PE subject.So,I went there with the ticket in my hand.When I get in,everything was unimaginable,and it made me breathless…

The set was perfect and everything was there.There are food festival,a big stage,cultural stand,footruck and many more. 

I really enjoyed that time.I watched the fashion show,gamelan show band performance and many more.Unfortunately,I must return home at 5 p.m.It was such a pity that the main show,The Changchuters and RAN started showing at 9p.m.I felt really sad that time,but it’s okay,because I can’t go out late under my parents control.So,that’s all from me,and sorry if there’s no photo.If you are eager to find out,follow @megantara 2016 on instagram,and you can see as well,the best of MEGANTARA.See you at another post

Selasa, 27 September 2016

Independence day celebration

Hey!Do you know when is the independence day of Indonesia?Well…,It stands on 17th of August.My school had also got its celebration.There are 3 competitions that each class must join.This obligation got other opportunities too,a trophy, an electric terminal, and a mirror to the class that compete the best.One of the competition that I enroll is ‘Tarik tambang’.It is a competition,which 2 teams must pull one end of a rope and brought other team to desperation.
            It turns out,that my class is the one who came to desperation.Yeah,we lost the final and we were on position 2.The next competition is hand ball in an unusual way.The gameplay is the same,but we’re not throwing and passing a ball.We pass a sponge instead.The game looked ridiculous,as my class’ team covered the goal with their body.To prevent enemy from getting any points,they sacrificed their sanitation,and they looked really,really wet.Our Team once again,lost the finals. It was really fun eventhough we lost the finals.

            Independence day celebration this time was really worth the time and effort.we got the fun we expected.